Zomba Malosa - Aegirine Crystals


Origin: Africa, Malawi, Zomba District, Mount Malosa


The alkaline Pegmatites of the Zomba-Malosa complex of Malawi are famous for their unique geology and mineralogy. Specimens originating from this area is often a combination of various minerals. These include Aegirine, Orthoclase Feldspar, Smoky Quarts and Zircon (other rare minerals include Arfvedsonite, Epididymite and Parisite)


We offer a range of combination-specimens and crystal specimens from Zomba. The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Zomba Malosa - Aegirine Crystals- Malawi

  • Zomba Malosa - Aegirine

    Origin: Africa, Malawi, Zomba District, Mt Malosa

    Size: 45 mm x 20 mm, 12 grams

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