Stilbite (on Quartz matrix)


Origin: Africa, Lesotho, Butha-Buthe District


This interesting mineral was named in 1797 by Jean Claude de la Métherie, the name derived from the Greek word "stilbein", to glitter of shine, because of the pearly lustre of the crystal faces. It is a low-temperature secondary hydrothermal mineral that occurs in cavities of basaltic volcanic rocks.


Various interesting specimens (Incl. Stilbite, Quartz and Apophyllite) from a limited source are offered.

Stilbite Crystals on Quartz Matrix - Lesotho

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  • Stilbite on Quartz matrix

    Origin: Africa, Lesotho, Butha-Buthe District

    Size: 55 mm x 55 mm, 62 grams

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