Origin: Europe, Finland


Spectrolite is a rare Finnish variety of the feldspar mineral, Labradorite. It exhibits a much richer range of colours and a higher labradorescence than Labradorite from Madagascar.


The Finnish stone is vividly iridescent in a full spectrum of colours, hence the name "spectrolite". This spectacular variety of Labradorite have considerably stronger colourfulness than other labradorites, caused by the black base colour of Spectrolite feldspar.


The Spectrolite pieces we have available are polished on the one side and left rough on the other side. Rich and brightly coloured pieces.

Spectacular Spectrolite - Collectable Pieces

  • Spectrolite (variety of Labradorite)

    Origin: Europe, Finland

    Size: 78 mm x 32 mm, 34 grams

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