Mazon Creek Plant Fossil 


Origin: USA, Illinois, Braidwood, Francis Creek Shale


Period: Carboniferous period - ca. 309 million years ago


The Mazon Creek fossil beds are found in the Grundy County of Illinois, USA. These fossils date back to the Carboniferous period (mid-Pennsylvanian epoch), ca 309 million years ago. Hundreds of different fossil species has been recorded from here. The fossils are found in nodules and include various plant species and parts ranging from fern fronds, leaves, twigs, branches, roots, bark and seeds.


The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Plant Fossil Nodule - Mazon Creek, USA

  • Mazon Creek Plant Fossil - USA

    Origin: USA, Illinois, Braidwood, Francis Creek Shale

    Size: 46 mm x 47 mm, 68 grams

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