Natural Brazilian Agate Geodes

Origin: Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

These beautiful agates are found in Brazil, the world’s most renowned source of exceptional Agate, Quartz and Amethyst geode specimens. 

These Agate geode are natural colour, and has only been cut and polished to expose the beauty and a flattened base to make beautiful standing sculptures of nature.

The cavaties are lined with either snow white Chalcedony, Quartz or Amethyst crystal druse, on some black Goethite specks are present on the snowy Chalcedony centres.  

The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Natural Brown Agate Geode with Crystalline Center - Brazil

  • Natural Brazilian Agate Geode
    Origin: Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

    Size: 76 mm x 70 mm x 39 mm, 380 grams

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