Labradorite - Standing Sculpture


Origin: Madagascar


Labradorite is a rare feldspar mineral, a stone so unique the term ‘labradorescense’ was coined for the iridescent optical effect given by the stone when viewed at a certain angle against the light. The labradorecense is caused by light entering the stone and being reflected by a twinning surface. The colour seen by the observer is the colour of light reflected from within the stone.


Labradorite is a stone surrounded with myth, and thus holding special meaning when it comes to self-discovery, especially related to psychic abilities. This is also a popular stone among people who practice divination.


We are selling selected hand-polished pieces from Madagascar. The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Labradorite - Blue - Madagascar

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  • Labradorite - Blue - Standing Sculpture

    Origin: Madagascar

    Size: 113 mm x 75 mm, 602 grams

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