Graptolite Fossils (Aranegraptus murrayi)


Origin: Morocco, Draa Valley, Zagora Region


Period: Ordovician period - ca. 450 million years ago


Graptolithina is a subclass of the class Pterobranchia, the members of which are known as graptolites. These were hemichordate colonial animals that drifted in the surface waters of the oceans approximately 450 million years ago.


The word Graptolite is derived from the Greek words, graptos, meaning "written", and lithos, meaning "rock", referring to some of these fossils resembling hieroglyphs written on rocks.


A set of 3 beautiful and rare Graptolite fossils.


The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Graptolite Fossils - Aranegraptus murrayi - Morocco - Set of3

  • Graptolite Fossils (Aranegraptus murrayi) - set of 3

    Origin: Morocco, Draa Valley, Zagora Region

    Size: 60 mm x 51 mm to 46 mm x 43 mm, total weight 114 grams

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