Reichenbachite & pseudo-octahedral Epidote on Green Quartz matrix


Origin: Africa, South Africa, Northern Cape, Namaqualand, Lower Orange River, Goodhouse area


We have managed to get hold of a very limited supply of extremely rare and beautiful multi-combination Epidote crystal specimens. These specimens wit the rarely found pseudo-octahedral shape is from a new source in the Northern Cape Province (South Africa), they are not from a large scale mine and is hand-dug by a good friend of ours.


The Epidote specimens from this locality is found in very unusual combinations with various and unusual mineral combinations.


The dark black-green pseudo-octahedral crystals are either found on a Muscovite Mica and Feldspar mixture and/or on aQuartz matrix that varies from milky to translucent blue to green in colour due to trace elements of Copper minerals.


Unusual Reichenbachite growths can be found on some specimens as well as an unidentified blueish copper mineral (possibly Chrysocolla or blue Reichenbachite), this blueish mineral was found as an inclusion in Quartz crystals in only one specimen. The matrix may also contain reddish-brown Cuprite and a metallic mineral possibly Hematite. Other minerals that can be found on these specimens are Calcite and most unusual, Fluorite.


The photos were taken in bright sunlight during the day to bring out the best colours, please note this varies depending on lighting conditions.

Reichenbachite and pseudo-octahedral Epidote on Quartz matrix - Northern Cape

  • Reichenbachite & pseuodo-octahedral Epidote on Green Quartz matrix

    Origin: Africa, South Africa, Northern Cape Province, Namaqualand, Lower Orange River, Goodhouse area

    Size: 89 mm x 64 mm, 426 grams

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