Fluorite - Cubic (dark purple) crystals on Quartz matrix


Origin: Africa, Nambia, Southern Namibia


Fluorite is a very popular mineral among collectors and esoterics. It is an extremely variable calcium fluoride mineral that can be found in all the colours of the spectrum. Pure Fluorite is colourless and the colour variations found were caused by various elements.


Fluorite is a brittle mineral that should be handled with care. It is either found in solid masses or in a wide range of crystal forms, including cubic, octahedral to very complex structures.


We offer a range of unusual Fluorite specimens. The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Fluorite - Cubic crystals on Quartz matrix - Namibia

  • Fluorite - Cubic (dark purple) crystals on Quartz

    Origin: Africa, Namibia, southern Namibia

    Size: 85 mm x 60 mm, 114 grams

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