Cave Quartz (B) 


Origin: Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


An exceptional specimen of rare Cave Quartz. The specimen has a perfect vug with Malachite on the crystals on one end, and a metallic mineral (Hematite?) on the other end.


Very interesting and unusual Quartz specimens from the DRC. The name "Cave "Quartz" was given to these specimens by the dealer because of the porous nature of the matrix, as well as vugs and pockets lined with Quartz crystals.


We have managed to get hold of a limited number of material on two occasions. In batch A, the Quartz crystals are generally smaller and range from clear to a milky white colour. Batch B, is very variable, generally larger Quartz crystals and often coloured by inclusions or small phantoms of what appears to be Hematite and Limonite. These specimens are also associated with Malachite and Plancheite that has grown on the Quartz or as inclusions in the crystals.


The photos were taken in bright sunlight to bring out their best colours.

Cave Quartz - D R Congo (b)

  • Cave Quartz (B)

    Origin: Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Size: 55 mm x 50 mm, 176 grams

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