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Please read the following content to familiarise yourself with the ordering process.


Please note: 

  • All prices are given in US Dollar


  • For orders that requires shipping, we have a minimum order of $25 (excl. shipping cost)


  •  Items in your order will only be reserved once cleared payment has been received.


  • The items on our website, especially the individual crystal specimens that we offer, are not available in the shop.

International customers:


Ordering & Payment


Payment for your order can be done directly during checkout by using Paypal.

Shipping procedure


Please note: You will not be charged the shipping fee during checkout. The cost of shipping can only be calculated once we have your order packed and weighed, where after an invoice will be sent to you for the shipping fee.


The cost of shipping depends on parcel size, weight and the destination.

Below is an indication of the shipping costs (Estimates only):

  • Padded envelope with a few small stones or stamps = $16.00 to $18.00

  • Boxed items = ranges from about $24.00 to $35.00

  • Larger items & quantities = Quotes will have to be requested


The South African Post Office has be become completely unreliable and we have to make use of different shipping options. The best and most affordable at this time is through a company called Mailwise. The parcels are collected from us on Wednesdays and are shipped to the United Kingdom. From there tracking numbers are allocated to the waybill numbers and gets sent by Royal Mail to their destinations. We have not had any issues using this system and the parcel is delivered to your doorstep or requested address. 


The delivery of parcels vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in rare cases.

Parcels are normally shipped on Wednesdays. 


South African customers:


Ordering & Payment


  • For customers who chooses to collect their order from our shop can pay by card or cash during collection.


  • If you choose for the items to be sent to you, we will send you the notification with payment details.

Shipping & Collection

  • During check out, please choose if you would like us to send your order by PostNet, or if you would prefer to collect it from our shop in Faerie Glen, Pretoria (South Africa).


  • The collection of orders can be done by appointment or during our trading days.


  • PostNet is the most reliable and affordable local option at this time. A parcel up to 5 kg in weight has a standard rate of R99. Delivery is normally within 3 to 4 working days to most main areas.


  • Please make sure to give us your contact number and the details of your closest PostNet branch where you would like to collect your parcel. You will be provided with a tracking number after your order has been sent.


  • Orders will be packed securely shipped within 5 working days after cleared payment has been received.

The minerals we offer:


  • We do our very best to source and select the variety of exquisite minerals that we have to offer. 


  • The size and weight of each item/specimen is indicated in the description of the product. In most cases the two widest dimensions are measured. Please be informed of the specimen size before you purchase.


  • Our minerals are photographed outdoors during the day in direct sunlight, this brings out the best colours. Please note that this may sometimes intensify the colours and that the colours depicted may vary to lighting conditions and will not appear exactly the same indoors with artificial lighting.


Our contact details:

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

 exquisitestones1@gmail.com or sean@kambroo.com


We wish you a very happy shopping experience

Sean & Monique


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