Polychrome Jasper

Also known as: Desert Jasper and Royal Savannah Jasper

Formula: Various (see below)

Variety of: Cryptocrystalline Quartz

Hardness: Variable

Origin: Madagascar, Analalava region

Origin: Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo







This beautifully coloured and rare stone was introduced in 1994. Each stone, a work of art.



Named Polychrome Jasper for its painting-like appearance and varied colouration of earthy-toned colours.



This Jasper lives up to its name, found in many colours and in combinations.


ranging from blue purple, pink, yellow, orange red, brown, black, grey and white.

found as dark brown coloured rock lying on the upper surface, when broken or cuto open the beautifut colours and patterns are revealed.

These stones are collected and hand worked (cut and polished) by the local people of Madgascar where this stone is found.

Some colour variation of Polychrome Jasper   

Polychrome Jasper - Patterns and Colourations

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