Exquisite Stones started with a few Spirit Quartz pieces that sparkled so beautifully in the sun which we could not resist buying. As the collection grew over months we realised that we have a love and passion for unique pieces of minerals.


We made it our focus to look for and select interesting and beautiful pieces that we can share with people, and the love for what became our small business.


Our small but unique shop is set in the scenic gardens of Gariep Plants nursery, in the east of Pretoria.


We offer an extensive range of minerals in various forms, from tumbled gemstones by type, or to scratch through and discover, polished minerals and crystal specimens for the collector.


   Feel the Earth, its DNA.  The history of past events, set in the beauty we can feel today.

© 2019  Exquisite Stones   -   309 Cliffendale Drive, Faerie Glen, Pretoria   -   exquisitestones1@gmail.com

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